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Simple Ways to Stop Student Stress


Stop Student Stress; Simple TipsIt can be hard to avoid student stress and stay healthy while keeping up with the quick pace of college. Many college students must take on self-maintenance tasks that, prior to college, a parent reminded them to complete. 

Does stress keep you from doing your best in college? Are your health and your grades suffering because of stress? Continue reading Simple Ways to Stop Student Stress

Can “Zimbabwe” Boost Your Memory?


how Zimbabwe improves memoryWhy “Zimbabwe?”

A psychologist named Von Restorff noticed that when he gave test subjects a random list of words. . .

cat, bench, art, canopy, Zimbabwe, fish, etc.

. . . they remembered best the words at the beginning and end of the list. No big surprise there. That’s the serial position effect I talk about in my book.

BUT: they also recalled unusual words, such as “Zimbabwe.”

Now it gets a little weird; subjects also showed better recall for the words near the uncommon word.

This effect is called—appropriately enough—the Von Restorff Effect.

Use this in your studies.

Do something novel, strange, fun, interesting, or just flat out weird during your study break. (You do take study breaks, right?)

When in doubt, go for sock puppets or corn fungus tacos.

Anything you do to make the break interesting and different from the study time can boost your memory of the studying on either side of the break.

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5 Study Mistakes Students Make


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When I was in college I made some very basic mistakes that made my life much harder: answering honestly when my girlfriend asked if a new dress made her look fat, co-signing on a lease with a guy who collected smurf dolls, while I should have use sources as capitol students accommodation to find the best place to live.

More to the point, I also made some study mistakes that made my life tougher than it needed to be. Many of my friends made the same study mistakes. Make sure these study mistakes don’t cost you time and energy. Continue reading 5 Study Mistakes Students Make

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Step-by-step recipe for meeting your academic goals


If you could just make yourself study… If you could just make yourself read the textbook… If you could just quit wasting so much time on FaceBook… If you could just make yourself get up in the morning…

Psychology research has unlocked the secret to willpower. Discover the step-by-step, simple method for achieving your goals, whether those goals are academic or physical. Click here to find out how.