Getting Psyched Up to Read Boring College Texts


scary_bookBefore getting started on a take time to light a little fire under yourself (right at the base of the cerebellum). Decide exactly why you’re that riveting analysis of reptilian gastric reflux disease. Is it for a test? What do you stand to lose if you don’t read it and understand it?

If that’s not motivating enough, start further out … start at your bigger motivations for going to school in the first place. What’s the big-picture goal? Do you want to make enough money to buy a summer home in Ipanema? Are you going to save the world by reducing infant fatalities in third world countries? Or perhaps you are fascinated with primate urology and would like nothing better than spend the rest of your life with your nose stuck in … errr … well, a book on primate urology. Whatever get’s your academic motor humming, allow it to rev you up a bit and even the most cerebrally anesthetizing readings will take on a halo of importance and interest.

Quick trick: Pretend that you’ll be taking a quiz ove the reading/text tomorrow, and there’s a $1,000,000 GRAND PRIZE for a perfect score. Suspend your disbelief. Feel it down in the depths of your … depths. Get excited!