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Balance is essential… Health and skin care


In the movie Lady in the Water there is a character who is always lifting weights. But he always does the exact same exercise; he lifts the same weight, in the same way, with the same arm. As a result, he has one huge muscular arm while the rest of him looks completely normal.

When it comes to health, balance is very important. Taking care of what you eat is important, but watching yourself in ways you might not think can have a huge effect as well. I’m talking about taking care of your skin. This article on Sdara skincare helps shed some light on the kind of issues you could run into if you leave this aspect of general health by the wayside.

I wonder how many of us would look that way if how we treat our minds and spirits and relations with others was as readily apparent as how we treat our bodies. We might gawk in amazement and disgust as some fine figure of a man walked by with a shrunken and sickly family life. A beautiful woman with a wimpy, disfigured spirit might arouse pity or loathing rather than envy.Many of us give undue attention to certain aspects of our lives. We may live for school or books, yet sadly neglect our physical health. Perhaps we are the picture of bodily well being and do well in school, yet have no time for our families. Many of us survive this way for years, only to realize in the end, that we short-changed ourselves. Often we realize too late.

Seek balance as you set your goals. The harder it is for us to identify a goal in a certain area, the more we need to concentrate on that area. For example, if you have no idea what a reasonable spiritual goal would be and don’t really even think it’s important, there should be a warning buzzer going off in your head. You are probably scrawny and puny in that area.

Here are some areas to consider when setting long-term goals…

* body
* mind
* spirit
* social life
* family life
* work and school

Can you think of others? In which area do you need most to improve?