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Step-by-step recipe for meeting your academic goals


If you could just make yourself study… If you could just make yourself read the textbook… If you could just quit wasting so much time on FaceBook… If you could just make yourself get up in the morning…

Psychology research has unlocked the secret to willpower. Discover the step-by-step, simple method for achieving your goals, whether those goals are academic or physical. Click here to find out how.

McCafferty on Cramming

Memorize and purge - cramming is stupid
“All subjects are the same. I memorize notes for a test, spew it, ace it, then forget it. What makes this scary for the future of our country is that I’m in the tip-top percentile on every standardized test. I’m a model student with a very crappy attitude about learning.”
Cramming is just dumb. There are much more effective (and easy) ways to study!
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The Secret to Kicking Procrastination: Reward Yourself


This short video, by Dan Ariely–one of my favorite psychologists–gives you some quick and easy tricks for defeating procrastination. You can find loads more good info on defeating procrastination here. Dan Ariely, an Israeli American professor of psychology and behavioral economics, currently teaches at Duke University. He is also the founder of The Center for Advanced Hindsight and also the co-founder of BEworks.

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10 More Easy Ways to Kill Procrastination


Note to readers; if you aren’t reading this on my website you’re probably missing out on the extra content in the embedded links. Read it at studyprof.com to avoid missing out on some spiffy mind candy. In my previous post I started an UNinfographic, turning this infographic–based on Piers Steel’s book, The Procrastination Equation–into something easier to read and apply. Dr. Steel, of whose name I am quite jealous, has done a bang-up job of summarizing all the best research on procrastination and motivation–both of which are vital for study skills and habits. I’m giving you the short and sweet version, with my own additions and insights, but if you want the full scoop check out the book!

In our last installment we looked at ten ways to increase the value of a task thereby forcefully ejecting procrastination from the premises. This time around we’ll turn our attention to another part of the procrastination equation, decreasing impulsiveness. So without further ado, here are ten ways to decrease your impulsiveness and avoid procrastination. Continue reading 10 More Easy Ways to Kill Procrastination

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Study Skills: Goal Setting for Academic Achievement


Become a super scholar

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Cody Blair, the StudyProf, will walk you step-by-step through how to set and achieve your academic goals and establish study habits that will take you from student wimp to academic demi-god.

Uncover the quickest, simplest (and well-researched) methods to…

  • ID key bad habits that are holding you back. Locate your weaknesses so you can eliminate them.
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Just watch the video! The StudyProf will reveal the secrets experts in self-compliance have been using for years to help people eliminate bad habits like smoking, over-eating, failing to exercise, and failing to study! Not only will he show you the secrets, he’ll package it up in a nice, neat recipe.

Follow the recipe and kick your bad habits right in the kisser. Follow the recipe and become the uber student! Follow the recipe and fantastic study skills become automatic.

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Increase a Habit by Tracking It


Studies show that simply tracking how many times you engage in a good habit (or sideslip a bad habit) will cause most people to up those numbers. How simple is that?! So start tallying up those push ups, timing your study hours, and counting your calories, to become master of your domain!

Amble on over to this nifty site for tracking your trends. Enter absolutely anything you want–number of periwinkle blue caravans you’ve narrowly avoided purchasing, amount of salmon mousse consumed with no lethal effects, quantity of fleshy-headed mutants you’ve found friendly, total number of obscure movie references you’ve noticed in this post, whatever–and the site will keep track of it and allow you to display it in a variety of tres-hip ways.


Habit Forming by Repetition Illustrated


Here’s a great picture of exactly how we achieve our goals through repeated actions.  We become what we repeatedly do.

This is a time-lapse of a Japanese group that walked the same path over and over. After several days they had worn a path in the grass. Consider how long it will take for the path to grow over once they stop walking. Weeks? Months? Once the path is sufficiently well-trodden, it will remain for a long, long time. As you are cultivating new habits, frequent repetition is the key to changing an action into a habit.

In the same way weaning yourself from a bad habit is not an overnight proposition. It will take time and effort to keep yourself from travelling the well-worn path long enough for it to grow over and disappear.

The lesson also applies to creating memories, although this illustration would represent brute-force repetition. Easier: use mnemonics to create a stronger path initially. That will cut down on the number of repetitions you’ll need to make that memory rock solid.