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Smile your way to an “A”


Cute kid smileSmiling at the right time can actually improve your grades!  So brush those choppers and start grinning. Here’s how …

  1. Come to class a few minutes early to avoid being part of the herd.
  2. Make eye contact with your professor as you walk in.
  3. Smile warmly (Hint: imagine s/he’s your long lost cousin.  If you don’t like your cousin, imagine it’s your long lost cousin being attacked by rabid ocelots.) Continue reading Smile your way to an “A”

Top College Study Skill: Choosing Good Professors


As a freshman and sophomore in college I chose my classes based on convenience and availability. If I could sign up for a class I needed, and it didn’t start too early or end too late, I would grab it before the section filled up.

As I wised up and got a little more experience I realized that the professor was the real key to a great class. Once I found an interesting, engaging prof who really helped me learn, I would sign up for his or her classes religiously, even if I had to shift things around to make it fit my major.

And the best profs were definitely not the easiest profs! In fact, they were often the hardest, but I found I did better in challenging classes, actually making higher grades than in boring classes.

Keep that in mind as you take advantage if this fantastic resource…pickaprof_logo_no_bookNot only can you find reviews, ratings, and evaluations of American profs across the country, you can…

  • See their grade histories
  • Integrate with Facebook so you’ll know what your friends are signing up for
  • Plan your schedule
  • Exchange books