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The GRE: When Should You Start Prepping?

Average GRE students get average GRE scores
     If you really want to get the best GRE scores possible, start studying long before you will be taking the GRE test. Ideally, that means at least a month beforehand. And don’t forget to schedule your test with enough time for your GRE scores to get to your grad school of choice. GRE scores can take up to three weeks to get in the hands of the right person.

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Top Five GRE Tips

GRE Prep

  1. Start studying for your GRE early. How early? You can improve on your GRE math (quantitative) scores quickly since most of it is basic, and most people just need a refresher. Building an adequate GRE vocabulary, however, takes a long time. Several months is best.
  2. Be strategic with what you study for the GRE. For example, it’s not worthwhile for most people to practice the GRE reading comprehension much. You just won’t improve your score that much for the amount of time it will cost you. Better; knowing the techniques and ways to identify the best answers on the GRE quantitative and GRE verbal sections will give big score increases in a hurry.
  3. Know how your grad school handles your GRE scores. Call up your grad school adviser and find out which sections of the GRE they are most concerned with. Do they even look at your GRE written analytical scores? Many schools don’t. Do they use your scores as a way to weed out which students they will consider? Is your score something they collect but don’t actually use in the admissions process? Is it a way to differentiate applicants who are otherwise similarly qualified? Find out more here.
  4. Get good GRE help. A good GRE prep course can really make a big difference in your scores in a hurry. You can find out exactly what’s on the test as well as getting guided practice. The best courses have experienced instructors and high quality practice questions. You can check out my GRE prep course options here. OR see my online video course.
  5. Know the Single Best Way to Boost Your GRE Score!
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Single Best Way to Boost Your GRE Score

What is the single most effective way to increase your score on the GRE? If you only have three hours to prepare for your GRE tomorrow what should you do? How did one test taker boost her math score by almost ten points with less than six hours work? Continue reading Single Best Way to Boost Your GRE Score

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GRE Prep Courses

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I decided to take the GRE with very little time to prepare. After two meetings with Cody, my score improved 12 points, and I scored above and beyond my goal during my official test. I would highly recommend giving him a call if you are preparing for the GRE. – Maverick N. –  Read what other students say

Be Certain you’re prepared for the GRE

How to be Certain you're prepared for the GREWhen building a house, smart people get with an architect long before the first thumb is hammered. Fail to get expert advice and you’re asking for train-track-through-your-balcony headaches!

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Revised GRE Quantitative Practice (FREE)

No, the site is … ummm … not really designed for aesthetes.  But, hey, free is free.  Thanks WTAMU! While the practice is good, it’s based on the old version of the GRE Quantitative (GRE Math), not the revised GRE quantitative. Your best bet for practice on the GRE math as it looks on the new revised GRE exam can be found at the GRE website. You can download and practice taking a revised GRE exam, which includes GRE math problems.

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Should I Invest in a GRE Prep Course?

Taking a prep course is really an ideal first step for most students.  If you’ve never built a house before, it would NOT be smart to go out and start pouring concrete and putting up boards on your own for a couple of months, and only then go talk to an architect/builder to find out exactly how to do things.

You normally start by getting with an architect to plan the building and by talking to a builder who knows something about exactly how to procede with each step of the process.  Taking a prep course is like talking to an experienced builder and architect first.  Although their services can come at a premium, they can help you make sure that none of your time and effort is wasted.  In fact, they will more than pay for themselves!

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The GRE; An Overview

The GRE, officially known as The Graduate Record Examination General Test, is supposed to test verbal, mathematical and writing skills learned by students during college. Most graduate programs require GRE scores to consider students for admission.

Key Facts:
  • In the US, the GRE is given as a Computer Adaptive Test, or CAT. In other countries, the GRE may be paper-based.
  • You’ll take the test on a computer at special testing centers located throughout the U.S. and around the world.
  • The computer-based GRE entails about 2 hours of multiple-choice testing combined with 75 minutes of essay writing.
  • You can’t go back to previous questions. Once you give an answer and confirm it the question is GONE. You will never see it again.
  • On the quantitative section, you cannot use a calculator. So dust of the old times tables. You’ll need them.


The GRE is scored on a scale of 200-800 for the verbal and quantitative sections. The writing section is scored on a 0 to 6 point scale in half-point increments.  You will also be given a percentile ranking for your score.  If you scored in the 50th percentile, it would mean that half the test takers did better than you in that section, and half did worse.

GRE Structure:

  • Verbal Section: 30 questions/30 minutes
    • Antonym Questions
    • Analogy Questions
    • Sentence Completion Questions
    • Reading Comprehension Questions
    • 470 is an approximate 50th percentile score
  • Quantitative (Math) Section: 28 questions/45 minutes
    • Quantitative Comparison Questions
    • Problem Solving Questions
    • 610 is an approximate 50th percentile score
    • No calculators
  • Writing Assessments: 2 essays in 75 minutes
    • Analysis of an Argument (30 minutes)
    • Analysis of an Issue (45 minutes)
    • 4.5 is an approximate 50th percentile score
  • General Structure
    • Essays always come first, followed by a ten-minute break
    • Verbal and Quantitative come in random order, with a one-minute break between sections
    • You will have either two verbal or two quantitative sections, because one of those will be an experimental section used to test out new questions.  You will not know which section is experimental (don’t waste time trying to identify it), and it won’t count towards your score.
  • Key Contacts
    • For the latest information and news and to sign up for the actual GRE test go to gre.org.
    • To sign up for a weekend GRE prep class at Texas A&M University in College Station OR to sign up for a live class, taught online anywhere in the world, go here.