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Revised GRE Quantitative Practice (FREE)


No, the site is … ummm … not really designed for aesthetes.  But, hey, free is free.  Thanks WTAMU! While the practice is good, it’s based on the old version of the GRE Quantitative (GRE Math), not the revised GRE quantitative. Your best bet for practice on the GRE math as it looks on the new revised GRE exam can be found at the GRE website. You can download and practice taking a revised GRE exam, which includes GRE math problems.

FYI, be very careful about using third-party resources, such as Kaplan or Princeton Review’s books for their GRE Quantitative problems. They are fine for practice, but be aware Continue reading Revised GRE Quantitative Practice (FREE)

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GRE Score Reporting Changes!


Now Report Only the GRE Scores You Choose

Starting in July 2012, ETS will allow you to choose which GRE scores you report to schools rather than just reporting every GRE score for the last five years as they had been doing. ETS, the maker of the GRE, is NOT your friend, so why the sudden burst of magnanimity? I think I’ve figured it out.

Let’s say, you pay your $160 and go take your GRE. At the end of the exam, but BEFORE you actually know how you scored, ETS gives you the option of either reporting all your GRE scores from every GRE you’ve taken for the last five years, OR you can just report the GRE score you got on the test you just completed. That isn’t so helpful, since you really don’t know how you’ve done on today’s GRE yet. (I can’t tell from their online blurb if you have the option of accepting your GRE score–but NOT actually sending it to any of your four colleges included in your $160 test fee.)

On the other hand, if you want to take a look at all your GRE scores and then pick and choose which one(s) to send to different grad schools, you’ll have to wait until you’ve left the testing center. Then they will charge you extra cold-hard cash for the privilege.  Sounds like a money-making deal for ETS!

Regardless, it’s probably going to be worth it to pay for the privilege of only reporting your best GRE scores. Unfortunately, you can’t report just the verbal GRE score from one administration and just the math from another time you took the test. You have to report the complete GRE score for any given date you took the test.

See all the details from ETS here.

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The Revised GRE is Live! (Start Banging Your Head on the Wall Now and Beat the Crowd)


rectal-exam-1.jpg Thas’ right, net denizens. The much-touted, new, improved, ultra-spiffy revised GRE has finally gone live. “But why,” you may ask, “would they bother releasing a kinder, friendlier GRE when the old one was oh-sooo splendiferous?” A good question. According to a recent email I received from the friendly folks at ETS–makers of the SAT, the GRE, and the wildly-invasive and test-taker friendly colorectal exam-o-scope*–

The GRE revised General Test:

  • is more aligned with the skills needed to succeed in graduate and business school
  • provides more simplicity in distinguishing performance differences between candidates
  • is more test-taker friendly for an enhanced test experience

Well, garsh! Who wouldn’t want an “enhanced test experience?” These statements are the standardized-test-world equivalent of “nice personality” in a singles ad. I’m betting the real reason behind the makeover is marketing. Since clear research existed showing the old GRE was about as good at picking out potential grad school divas as Lady Gaga is at choosing an elegant yet refined evening ensemble, ETS was seeking to duck the data. This is much akin to my greet Aunt Dawn (and “greet” refers to the misspelled tattoo on the hairy knuckles Continue reading The Revised GRE is Live! (Start Banging Your Head on the Wall Now and Beat the Crowd)

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