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10 More Easy Ways to Kill Procrastination


Note to readers; if you aren’t reading this on my website you’re probably missing out on the extra content in the embedded links. Read it at studyprof.com to avoid missing out on some spiffy mind candy. In my previous post I started an UNinfographic, turning this infographic–based on Piers Steel’s book, The Procrastination Equation–into something easier to read and apply. Dr. Steel, of whose name I am quite jealous, has done a bang-up job of summarizing all the best research on procrastination and motivation–both of which are vital for study skills and habits. I’m giving you the short and sweet version, with my own additions and insights, but if you want the full scoop check out the book!

In our last installment we looked at ten ways to increase the value of a task thereby forcefully ejecting procrastination from the premises. This time around we’ll turn our attention to another part of the procrastination equation, decreasing impulsiveness. So without further ado, here are ten ways to decrease your impulsiveness and avoid procrastination. Continue reading 10 More Easy Ways to Kill Procrastination

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Study Skills: Goal Setting for Academic Achievement


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Uncover the quickest, simplest (and well-researched) methods to…

  • ID key bad habits that are holding you back. Locate your weaknesses so you can eliminate them.
  • Get motivated to destroy your bad habits. Discover how to beef up your will power so those bad habits will never come back.
  • Uproot bad study habits. Get top-notch, stress-free grades just like you’ve always wanted.
  • Make super-student study skills habitual and easy. No more all-night-claw-your-eyes-out cram sessions. For those tired days try to use under eye patches, are an excellent product for your eyes pads.
  • Embark on a cycle of continual improvement. You’ll be better next week than you are this week; better next year than you are this year!

Just watch the video! The StudyProf will reveal the secrets experts in self-compliance have been using for years to help people eliminate bad habits like smoking, over eating, failing to exercise, and failing to study! Not only will he show you the secrets, he’ll package it up in a nice, neat recipe.

Follow the recipe, kick your bad habits right in the kisser. Follow the recipe, become the uber student! Follow the recipe, fantastic study skills become automatic.

Goal setting becomes easy. Goal setting (and achieving) is on auto-pilot. Goal setting becomes fun and energizing. Your academic goals won’t know what hit’em!

How? Just watch the video. It may be the most powerful hour you ever spend on your academic career.

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Study Skills – Five Fast Fixes


Recently, a student asked me for my hot list of academic life-changers; key study skills you can use to dominate your grades. Here goes…

1) Get help. It’s the 21st Century, fellow netizens! Flying cars, robotic house maids, and personal jet packs are now commonplace… okay, well, maybe not. But it’s still the 21st Century!, which means you don’t have to rely on your brilliant professor’s rapid-fire mumble-lectures and micro-type PowerPoints. Use the interwebs and Continue reading Study Skills – Five Fast Fixes

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Get the Most Out of Your College Study Group



I loathed and detested study groups when I was a sniveling college noob. Study groups tossed together by professors like a scholar salad were usually total wastes! There was always somebody(s) who was irritating and/or distracting, and the group frittered away more time trying to keep them on task than we did actually studying. My rule of thumb was…

15 minutes studying by my lonesome = 1 hr studying with study group


study groups = waste o’ time

But they don’t have time be jurassic-scale time leeches. Continue reading Get the Most Out of Your College Study Group

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