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Get smarter during the summer?


Is it possible to actually get smarter during the summer whilst basking at the beach? Absolutely, yes! How? Take this semester’s notes and give them a light going over every week or two–while at the beach, if you like. Quiz yourself over them. Practice a bit. I’m not saying you’ve got to spend hours; just a little refresher every now and then. You’ll be transferring all that hard won knowledge into the vaunted vaults of your long term memory while the hottie with the pre-cancerous tan next to you is ever so slowly losing her spring semester learning and getting dumberer.

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Quick Formula For Mastering New Academic Material


Need a step-by-step formula for puttin’ the hurt on your current course load? Want to muscle through those killer classes and become a legend of learning? Here’s an idiot-proof way to step-up your academic game in three simple steps. Caution: This works best for non-skill-based classes such as, history, political science, sociology, biology, etc. rather than topics like physics, cage-fighting, foreign languages, and math.

First: Make sure you take thorough notes. You can’t master the material if you don’t remember what it was. For a more in-depth how-to on taking noteworthy notes–notes that will cause your professor to weep uncontrollably and set up a shrine to you in the staff lounge–look here. As you’re capturing those notes, be sure to get down the high-payoff items, and I mean payoff in terms of exam grades. You want only to study the info that will actually boost your GPA. Not sure if an item is going to be on the test? Continue reading Quick Formula For Mastering New Academic Material

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Fast, Easy Way To Make Great Grades Without All The Hard Work!


Check out this great study skills video revealing six of my most powerful (and immediately useful) study skills.

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Study Skills To Help You Study Smarter, Not Harder!

learn to study
You’re Studying Too Much!

I’ve found that most of the students who have taken my study skills seminar, GRE prep course, or SAT prep course aren’t studying too little; they’re studying too much in the wrong way!

That’s why I’m making this study skills mini-course freely available to any student who wants to waste less time and energy while getting better grades!

In this mini-course (emailed right to your inbox), you will learn…

  • The easy recipe for doing mini-study sessions that will put an end to all-nighters forever!
  • The simple secret to making your study sessions easier, shorter, and more effective than ever!
  • Why you’re probably taking too many notes and how it’s actually forcing you to study more.
  • Why not reading your assigned readings is sometimes the best thing you can do with them.
  • How I used a 3,000 year old memory trick to make the highest exam grade in the class (with only thirty minutes studying)!
  • Why sleeping late and talking to your friends can actually help you get better grades. See the research for yourself!

Bottom Line: Don’t waste another minute studying the old-fashioned way. Sign up now!
I’ll email you the first lesson of my 5 part mini-course for free.

5 Easy Review Tricks That Maximize Learning


bangheadPart One — See the other parts at the bottom of this post.

Choose the answer below that best completes the sentence:

Aaaargh! I’ve been through this ____________ 50 frakkin times, and I still can’t remember it all!

A. Asinine text book chapter

B. Drool-inducing stack of flash cards

C. Styooopid vocab list

D. Bummunching set of notes

E. All of the above

Continue reading 5 Easy Review Tricks That Maximize Learning

Start Studying Now!


IMG_2433smallHow far in advance should I start studying for a test?

You should be studying for the test at the beginning of the semester.  Every time you read a text or take notes in class, be thinking, “how will this look on the test?”.  Here’s what an optimal study schedule will look like. Study those notes…

Quickest, Easiest Study Method


What is a good way to study that will be fast and efficient? IMG_2440small

Take notes in class and on your readings using some of the note taking techniques I’ve talked about before.  Study from those notes using this method, championed by Cal Newport

  • Take a page of notes and cover up everything but the key ideas written in the margins.
  • Look at the first key idea and, out loud, give a lecture on that particular point to an imaginary class (or to your study group).  Take pains to explain thoroughly and give examples.  Imagine that the students are question-happy fifth graders. That means explain in Continue reading Quickest, Easiest Study Method

Maintain Your Study Focus



One distraction after another can really tank your study time and short-circuit your concentration.  Here’s a slick trick to grow some mondo focus chops.

Your brain is like a big puppy.  Puppies know that when you get out the leash the walk around the block is soon to follow.

“A walk! Joy!”

Your brain thrives on similar cues to pattern its behavior. Examples…

Get the Most Out of Your College Study Group



I loathed and detested study groups when I was a sniveling college noob. Study groups tossed together by professors like a scholar salad were usually total wastes! There was always somebody(s) who was irritating and/or distracting, and the group frittered away more time trying to keep them on task than we did actually studying. My rule of thumb was…

15 minutes studying by my lonesome = 1 hr studying with study group


study groups = waste o’ time

But they don’t have time be jurassic-scale time leeches. Continue reading Get the Most Out of Your College Study Group

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Best Study Schedule


Rank these professions in order of average IQ, highest to lowest (just give it your best taxi_empire_state_buildingguess).

  • Neurosurgeon
  • Nuclear physicist
  • Professor of Law
  • New York cab driver

Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. There are probably some real idiots in those first three professions, and there are probably some certifiable egg-heads driving cabs. But that ain’t the way to bet.

Now rank them again, this time in order of which will know the best route from Central Park to LaGuardia at 5pm on a Friday afternoon.

This time, I’m betting on the cabbie.

Even your relative dullards in the world of cab-driving have Continue reading Best Study Schedule

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