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Live Online Tutoring


I'm starting to do my GRE Prep, SAT Prep, and Study Skills courses live online using Skype.  If you have questions about this (or suggestions) please leave them in the comments or go to one of the Texas A&M links you can see to the right; you can email me directly from the A&M site.

Steady Study NOT Mental Marathons


marathonImagine trudging down to the track three times a semester to wheeze through a 12 mile run. Maybe you would make it without blowing your lunch. Maybe. But for days after you would stagger around like a zombie on stilts (which … ya’ know … is pretty staggery).

Non-stop study marathons can likewise hurt your performance. Just like an athlete who overtrains and pops a kidney or deep fries their duodenum, overstudying can puree the gray stuff betwixt your ears. So you show up for the big test next day with a skull full of partially hydrogenated goo.

Yet this is exactly how most of us study. The week before midterms we embark on a mental marathon of round-the-clock cramming and then wonder at our painfully sub-par grades. Continue reading Steady Study NOT Mental Marathons