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How Many Words Should I Learn for The GRE or SAT?


1139041_23149987I tell my students to learn at least 300 new words, but that is really the bare minimum. Why? It takes at least that many before you have a snowball’s chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks of seeing enough of them on the test to actually nudge up your score.

Consider, if the GRE or SAT has 4,500 possible vocabulary words to choose from (a rough guesstimate), and you see, say, 150 on any given verbal section, what are the chances that one of the 300 new words you studied will be among them? Continue reading How Many Words Should I Learn for The GRE or SAT?

Ideal Vocabulary Study Site


My SAT and GRE students will be familiar with my admonishment to look up each new vocabulary word in a good dictionary, read all the definitions, look at the roots and prefixes, look at the synonyms, and ESPECIALLY to see the word used in context. I stumbled across Wordnik the other day. What a godsend! It seems tailor made for the task.wordniklogo