Beat Procrastination

done right lets you motor through your to-do list like magic.

There are lots of ways to stop procrastinating. For instance, you are using a to-do list and a calendar to make short work of your academic tasks, aren’t you?

(Bestest to-do list ever? I love Workflowy.)

There is one uber-easy way to really make hard. It actually becomes fun to NOT procrastinate.

Here’s How to Kill

  1. Get out your daily to-do list (or make one). You’ll start out by making it longer. The trick is in how you make it longer.
  2. After each of your current to-dos–and especially after the items you’re really tempted to procrastinate on–add a fun to-do; something you’ll really look forward to; pranking your roommate, playing your latest online addiction, watching hamster juggling videos, that kind of thing.
  3. Next, assign your tasks (the fun ones and the less fun ones) a to complete. “Watching hamster juggling videos – 5 minutes. Shaving roommate’s back – 20 minutes. etc.” That will keep you from letting things drag out or from over-scheduling yourself.
  4. Keep your fun to work ratio at about 1 minute of fun to 10 minutes of work. For example, if I spend forty-five minutes studying my Econ homework, I might then allow myself five minutes of watching Smarter Every Day.
  5. Let the fun to-dos pull you through each of your less savory tasks. It’s a knockout punch for procrastination.
  6. Find yourself still procrastinating. Make the fun tasks more fun or increase their until dissipates.

Let us know your favorite fun to-dos in the comments!

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