Never Forget

Never Forget

Part Three of 5 Easy Review Tricks series — See the other parts at the bottom of this post.

3. Follow the Triple The Time (TTT) Rule Long Term. Continue to learn/review in loops over days and weeks, not just during a given study session. Review a given set of notes/flashcards/vocab list 24 hours later, 3 days later, 9 days later, etc.

So why not just review every day? You could, and it would work, but the review materials would accumulate faster than shirtless rednecks on a Cops episode. If you follow the TTT rule, review materials are still recalled on an optimal schedule without having massive reviews on any given day. BONUS: Psychologists who study such things have found that if you struggle to recall a fact and then finally do successfully recall it, the trace is stronger than if you never struggled at all. Each time you review after you’ve tripled the time, you struggle a bit to recall the fact, making your stronger than if you had actually reviewed it every day.

It should be clear at this point that the real challenge becomes sticking to that TTT schedule. You can do that by carefully tracking each item reviewed and scheduling future reviews on a calendar or by using a slick free app like Anki. I’ve outlined a simple, effective method of keeping up with everything, and it’s fully explained in my Secrets Smart Students Know ebook.

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