Killer Number Four – Mr. Loud Mouth


Stop procrastination cold by [hidepost]letting the whole world know when you’ll be working on the irksome task you’ve been avoiding. Text it. Tweet it. Post it on your Facebook page…

Writing out the next thirty things that would Bore a Comatose Sloth for my ongoing compendium. Ask me about it tonight!

Here’s one instance where social timesucks, such as the aforementioned Twitter and Facebook, can actually help you get things done.

Get it done and you get a little happy jolt every time someone asks you about it; “Yep. Cranked it out in no time. I wasn’t blowing smoke when I put ‘motivated self-starter’ on myresume.” Check back to number three in our 5 Procrastination Killers countdown; this falls under the “carrot” category. It’s an automatic reward for not procrastinating. Bonus; you start seeing yourself as Someone Who Doesn’t Procrastinate. Change your self-image and you change your actions. See the excellent book Switch for more insights on this phenom.

Fail to get it done and we’re in stick territory, and you are the donkey getting the beating. Every time you talk to a buddy it’s, “How’s that bored-sloth-compendium-thingy coming along?,” or “Have you gotten to the section on curling yet?” After claiming “No, I got busy flossing my poodle” for the fifth time in a row, you begin to hear just how flimsy your excuse sounds. As Coach Titsworth used to say, “Excuses are like armpits*, Blair, everyone’s got’em, and they all stink.”

*Coach Titsworth really was one of my high school football coaches and he named a body part slightly less socially acceptable than “armpit” when he used this particular aphorism.




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