FBI-046-FredWilliamBowermanPain. Punish. Pustule. Proctology. Procrastinate. See how it just fits right in? It’s the cement shoes on your academic career. It’s the shooter on the grassy knoll as your presidential parade putters by. Well someone needs to take out, blind fold him in front of a brick wall, hand him his last cigarette, and yell, “Fire!” Here’s some stone cold killers who will pull the trigger.

Procrastination Killer Number One – Mr. Semiperfect AKA “Rough Draft”

Too many people procrastinate because they’re worried it has to be perfect. Whatever they are avoiding has got to be all shiny and pure, their magnum opus, and they doubt their ability to craft such polished perfection. Perfect is a tall tall order. “Better not to try,” they mumble into their espresso.

Rough Draft has a bullet with the name “Procrastination” engraved right on the casing in 10-point Bodoni Bold. Whatever it is that you’re avoiding–a term paper, your semester project, that apology letter to the prof for sleepwalking during his lecture–it Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect! Lower your standards for the now. Rough drafts are okay. Write it. Rewrite it. Rerewrite it. You can sweat perfect later. Say it with me; “It’s just a rough draft.”

Keep a look out for more in this series…



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