9 Tricks to Learn Everything 10 Times Faster [LifeHack]


Chloe Chong, an editor over at lifehack.org, posted this simple, powerful infographic on powerful learning tricks.

It nicely sums up many concepts I’ve hit on in my posts, such as teaching to learn, quizzing yourself, and studying in small bursts.

9 tricks to learn everything faster

Which of these works best for you? Let me know in the comments!

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One thought on “9 Tricks to Learn Everything 10 Times Faster [LifeHack]

  1. Hello Sharpbean,

    These tips are fantastic and these will work great than any other efforts and from these i like the most that one which you mentioned like that “Celebrate Your Mistakes” from my opinion this is the best part to learn many things in life if you would like to watch yourself on high level in future.

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