10 practical, straight forward, easy-to-implement tips for banishing procrastination from your life and getting things done!
Are you the study, study, study type? Or the type who thinks about studying, but has a hard time actually getting around to it? I was the second type; the procrastinator. One of my college roommates was the study ’til you drop type. Either way is not ideal. But I learned a simple trick anyone […]
Motivation done right lets you motor through your to-do list like magic. There are lots of ways to stop procrastinating. For instance, you are using a to-do list and a calendar to make short work of your academic tasks, aren’t you? (Bestest to-do list ever? I love Workflowy.) There is one uber-easy way to really […]
This short video, by Dan Ariely–one of my favorite psychologists–gives you some quick and easy tricks for defeating procrastination. You can find loads more good info on defeating procrastination here. Dan Ariely, an Israeli American professor of psychology and behavioral economics, currently teaches at Duke University. He is also the founder of The Center for […]
Quick Trick to Kill Most Bad Habits Ever heard of implementation intention? Unless you’re a psychologist specializing in self-compliance behaviors (read, “getting yourself to do what you know you should.”) it’s prolly not a familiar term. But if you’ve seen my video on goal setting or  read my posts on procrastination and habit forming, the concept will […]
Note to readers; if you aren’t reading this on my website you’re probably missing out on the extra content in the embedded links. Read it at studyprof.com to avoid missing out on some spiffy mind candy. In my previous post I started an UNinfographic, turning this infographic–based on Piers Steel’s book, The Procrastination Equation–into something easier to read […]
I recently came across this cool, colorful, hard to read chart titled, “How to Get Motivated: a Guide for Defeating Procrastination” which was adapted from a book called The Procrastination Equation, by the impressively named, Piers Steel, Ph.D. And, being the caring, giving, people-person I am, and because I have a personal vendetta against the […]
~~The “100 Words (or Less)” series gives you a super-short summary of what you need to know about the subject at hand and does it in 100 words or less. Check the link at the bottom for more detailed info about the topic.~~ Break it Down. Take a big task and divide it into smaller […]
Revised from April, 2010 post. If you can’t procrastinate, you won’t procrastinate. Obvious, you say? Then why aren’t you making procrastination impossible (or at least scaldingly painful)? Here’s how you can make the P-word so blindingly agonizing that it ain’t even an option. First, identify that dreaded procrastination-inducing uber-chore. Hint: What were you thinking you […]
Procrastination Killer Number Five – Mr. Pot o’ Gold AKA Pollyanna Know what the big difference between morning people and most-definitely-NOT-morning people is? It’s what they think about when they first wake up. Most-definitely-NOT-morning people start off dreading the long commute to work, mentally moaning about the big project they are supposed to be churning out, […]
Procrastination Killer Number Four – Mr. Loud Mouth Stop procrastination cold by [hidepost]letting the whole world know when you’ll be working on the irksome task you’ve been avoiding. Text it. Tweet it. Post it on your Facebook page… Writing out the next thirty things that would Bore a Comatose Sloth for my ongoing compendium. Ask me […]
Procrastination Killer Number Three – Mr. Carrotstick AKA Mo Flies You know the old saw; motivate the donkey by whacking it with a stick on its namesake while dangling a carrot in front of the pointy end. Bad news. You’re the donkey in this scenario. Nevertheless, give some thought to stick and carrot. How will you […]
Procrastination Killer Number Two – Mr. Slice-n-dice Little strokes fell great oaks. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The journey of a thousand miles begins with …. Don’t make me pull out my beeg aphorisms. Whatever terrible task is your current bitter procrastination pill, realize you don’t have to do […]
Pain. Punish. Pustule. Proctology. Procrastinate. See how it just fits right in? It’s the cement shoes on your academic career. It’s the shooter on the grassy knoll as your presidential parade putters by. Well someone needs to take procrastination out, blind fold him in front of a brick wall, hand him his last cigarette, and […]
Procrastination; the Big Bad Wolf in our fairy tale life. The Godzilla in our own personal Tokyo. Put off that slavering, monstrous task and it only gets bigger and badder. As the behemoth bloats so does your anxiety, your shame, and your desire to find a hole to hide in … anything to avoid the […]
I’ve mentioned Gopingme.com before. I’ve been using it lo these many years now to set up reminders for myself. Reminders can be emailed or texted to you on any interval you choose. For example, I can set it to text me, “Don’t forget The King’s birthday,” once a year at 12AM on January 8th, or […]
I recently received an email from one of my students with several great questions. I thought these issues, and their answers, might benefit everyone. Hi Cody, Some study issues that I have noticed that I have is not in how I study but when I study.  I have a horrible habit of procrastinating and only […]
One very effective way to keep yourself from giving in to temptation (whether that temptation is to eat that last piece of pecan pie or to watch that last episode of The Office) is to procrastinate–just keep putting it off. And you can do that by distracting yourself. Check out this great article on how […]
Just do it! Sound too simple? This is powerful stuff. Next time you catch yourself thinking of all the reasons why you can’t get started on that paper/project/study session, tell yourself to cut the whining and just get started. The truth? All of us have a little inner voice that tells us how we are […]
[hidepost]Procrastination – Understanding & Overcoming it By Linda Dessau Whenever I’ve worked on ‘de-cluttering’ my living or working space, I’ve always found that it’s the unfinished project – whatever I’m procrastinating about – that takes up the most room. Physically, it’s a constant reminder of something I tell myself I SHOULD be doing. Mentally, it […]