Gratuitous "Awwwww" Ammo

Gratuitous "Awwwww" Ammo

Guess what! No … really … just guess.

ETS is planning on releasing a new version of the test in 2011. I know, I know. You’ve heard this before. Weren’t they releasing a new in 2007? And didn’t they axe it a month before liftoff? Yes, and yes.

But this time they’re SERIOUS. Really.

Get the full scoop on the newest new GRE and the anticipated changes here.

What does it mean for those of you getting ready for the GRE? If you are planning on doing some serious prep, do it now, while you still know exactly what you’re prepping for! Learn to lick the CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) NOW, while all the test prep companies still know exactly what the test looks like. Wait until 2011 and it’s anybody’s guess!




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