GRE Prep Mistakes

Many make huge–easily avoidable–mistakes when prepping for the GRE. These mistakes cost them time, money, and headaches.

There are three easy-to-avoid GRE prep mistakes that most make. Are you making these mistakes?

GRE Prep Mistake Number 1

plan on prepping but fail to follow through. They buy a book or some flashcards but never quite get around to actually working through it OR they just dabble at it, day after day.

Getting your score on the GRE is just like anything else you want to excel at; it takes and effort.

I can show you how to prepare effectively for the GRE. That means your and effort will get you maximal results!

GRE Prep Mistake Number 2

Test-takers study the wrong material. Did you know that almost every single GRE prep book out there, including the one from ETS, includes a lot of material I’ve NEVER seen on an actual GRE?

If you just work through a GRE prep book, you’ll be spending a lot of on material that isn’t on the GRE.

In my Zoom class, I show exactly what’s on the test based on analysis of past GREs and current reports from my students after they take the GRE.

GRE Prep Mistake Number 2

wait too long to start prepping for the GRE. While it is definitely possible to improve your score a little bit in the few days or weeks before the GRE, the most substantial gains will come from consistent, short study sessions over a month or more.

Things like vocabulary and certain types of math concepts take concerted long-term to really improve.

Don’t make that GRE prep mistake. Get started now.

Our next StudyProf GRE prep course begins in less than a month, at 9 AM (Central Standard Time) via Zoom.

It’s a two-part course taught on two consecutive Saturdays, (but you CAN take part of the class one month and the other part later).

(1-on-1 tutoring is also available. See more details and dates.) 

Questions about anything GRE? 

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OR text/call at 979-739-7601.

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I’ve been teaching GRE prep since 2000. I’ve taught GRE prep for…

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  • The Texas A&M University College of Engineering
  • The CANIETI Summer program at Texas A&M University
  • Texas A&M University Qatar
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