brainalienGood news!

Researchers have developed a game that’s been shown to crank up your smarticle particles. That’s right, the Dual N-Back game–downloadable gratis–actually increases your short term AND your fluid (in layman-ese, “smarts”).

Or read the research for yourself in the peer-reviewed article from the engagingly-acronymed PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science). Apparently, the more you play the game, which involves recalling a square’s position on a grid while simultaneously recalling a spoken letter, the brainier you get.

I’ve played for 18 hours straight, and now I’m remotely writing this blog post using only my awesome-tastic mental powers [not really]. So download and play, mental ninety-pound weaklings of the world, and become the cerebral Adonis you were meant to be while lesser mortals drool into their Cheerios. [Not sure about the punctuation in that last, suspiciously run-onish sentence. A few more hours of play should take care of that.]

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