In the past, I’ve talked about exactly when to for each class you’re taking. Follow that schedule and you will spend less time to get !

But don’t make the mistake of blindly following anyone’s schedules or methods (mine included). It’s all about strategery, people.

Not all classes are created equal.  Some classes you can cut that schedule in half and still get an A.  In other classes, you may have to double up. Treat your schedule like a strategy game; carefully decide where you will get the most payoff and act accordingly.

Example; I took a class in college called Cross-Cultural Communications that was next to worthless. I had two (count’em; TWO) pages of going into my cumulative final exam, and I had gone to a grand total of four classes for the entire semester, yet I made an A in the class. No point in studying much for that one. Instead, I took that time and sunk it into an honors class in my major called Rise of the Modern World System. That class required lots of study and every week just to squeek by with a low A.

Solution: Rank your classes from hardest to easiest and factor that into your timing and . Also be aware of the law of diminishing returns. With some classes you can study 5 hours a week and get a respectable B average or you can study 20 hours a week to get the A. Is the A really worth the extra 15 hours a week? Did that extra 15 hours cost you a decent grade in some of your other classes?

Don’t make the mistake of throwing your time an effort down the drain for very little payout. Carefully plan how much time to spend on each class based on effort required, importance to your college career, and final grade desired.

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Expanded from Oct. 2008 post



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