Ditch the Highlighter
Highlighters are a nice invention aren’t they? You read a bit; you highlight a bit. You […]
GRE at-home during COVID-19 Quarantine
Educational Testing Services (ETS), the company that makes the GRE, recently offered a live webinar to […]
is this a good GRE score?
Is this GRE score competitive? Is my GRE score good enough for XYZ university? Is this […]
Test Anxiety and Stress
As a GRE prep teacher, I find about half my students suffer from test anxiety, often […]
Prep for the GRE
With fall semester college classes back in swing many students are tempted to postpone their GRE […]
Learn Like a Kid
Kids learn ridiculously fast–often times when you don’t even want them to. How many parents have […]
powerprep plus GRE practice tests
[Updated Thursday, November 28, 2019] As I’ve mentioned in other places, the best practice you can […]
Get the Most from Your Mind
Most of us feel like we are pretty good at using our brains; I mean, we’ve […]
I'm Awsome misspelled tatoo
Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just […]
What is the single most effective way to increase your score on the GRE? If you […]
What better way to zombie-proof yourself than to shrink your brain? That’s right, you can easily […]
I recently received emails from two different readers who study at one of the best universities […]
It can be hard to avoid student stress and stay healthy while keeping up with the quick pace of college. Does stress keep you from doing your best in college? Are your health and your grades suffering because of stress? Here are some simple tips to reduce student stress.
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Chloe Chong, an editor over at lifehack.org, posted this simple, powerful infographic on powerful learning tricks. […]
Do you really need GRE prep
Do you really need to do a lot of prep for the GRE? Can’t you just […]
Why “Zimbabwe?” A psychologist named Von Restorff noticed that when he gave test subjects a random […]
I know what I should do. I should study more. I should read the text BEFORE […]