(continued from part two)

Reward yourself

Did you just engage in your target ? Then reward yourself! A little reward is appropriate at this point; something easy. How about a mental “attaboy!” Allow yourself a little self-congratulations and pride in your achievement. Sounds silly, I know, but it’s actually very effective and has quite a bit of psychological to vouch for it. Check out covert conditioning at wikipedia for more info.

Have you been reliably carrying-out your target habit all week? Time for a bigger reward. Make a list of things you love but don’t get to do very often. At the end of a successful week, pick something from the list and enjoy!

Here are some rewards you might want to add to your list…

? Go to the movies

? Read a favorite

? Eat something you love that’s bad for you

? Call an old friend

? until noon

? Play your favorite sport

? Rent a really nice car for the day

? Buy something you’ve really been wanting

? Save up gift cards you get for Christmas or your birthday and use one today

? Spend time at addictinggames.com

? Chat with friends

? Waste an hour of your day




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