Computers are absolutely worthless–they do us no good whatsoever–unless we actually use them and use them correctly. No one would buy a great new computer and then just leave it sitting on their desktop collecting dust or use it for grilling shrimp. Tools must be used and used correctly to be of any real use.

This is true for mental tools as well. In the last few days I’ve mentioned two really useful tools for building mental (and physical) muscle. I talked about using for building good habits and getting things done, and I talked about a high-intensity exercise regimen that will help you build your body and your brain in seven minutes a day. Are you using those two tools?

I have been, and they’ve both been really helpful. I am now smarter, stronger, and more motivated, than I was even last week, and you can be too, if you’ll just use the tools. Don’t let those shiny new empowering tools go to waste. Start using them now!

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