donkey-in-wellOnce upon a a farmer’s old decrepit donkey fell in an abandoned well. The farmer, thinking that the donkey and the well were both past their usefulness, decided to fill the well in and bury the donkey. He called his neighbors to help and all began throwing shovel-fulls of dirt into the well.

At first the donkey cried and brayed as it realized what was happening, but after a few minutes the braying stopped. The farmer, in curiosity, peered down in the well and donkey peered back at him, safe, sound, and unburied. The farmer pitched a shovel-load of dirt down the shaft and watched as the donkey shook it off and stepped up on top of the new dirt. Every the farmer and his neighbors threw dirt down the well, the donkey would shake it off and step up until finally, the donkey stepped out of the dirt-filled well and trotted away.

The usual moral of this story is to shake off whatever dirt life throws your way and step up. Use the bad things as a stepping stone to better things.

For there is another moral. Imagine what would have happened if the donkey had waited until the dirt was up to its knees before it decided to step up. It would have required considerably more effort. What if it had waited until the dirt was up to its belly? Then even more effort would have been needed to dig itself out. And if the donkey had waited too long, no amount of effort would have been able to save it.

By shaking off each load of dirt as it fell, the effort required was very minimal. This is exactly what we as should do when it comes to and homework. Do your studying and homework each day and don’t wait for it to pile up. In this manner, each day’s work is relatively easy, and you avoid the extreme effort required to dig yourself out from under a big pile.

The rest of the story… The donkey later came back and bit the snot out of the farmer who had tried to bury him alive. Moral: if you do something bad and try to cover your @$$, it always comes back to bite you.


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