All my students get their own unique referral code. It will actually get you cash back every time someone uses it AS WELL AS giving your friends a discount on the course.

How it Works

Provide your friends and classmates with your code. When someone uses your code, you get a $20 rebate and the user gets 10% off the class price! REUSE it as many times as you like!

For example, if you email your code out to your student organization and five people sign up for my course using your code, each of them gets 10% off their course price and you get $100 from me via PayPal or Venmo!

Your referral code is the the phone number you used to register for the course. Easy!

Here’s some suggested text for you to send to a friend.

Hi Friend. I recently attended a StudyProf GRE Prep class to get prepped for my GRE. The course was really helpful! Details are at Use my phone number as your referral code at sign up to get 10% off the course price!

Give the code to your friends and neighbors. Post it on your website. Post it on Instagram. Pass it out at your next class or student event. Every person who uses it will benefit, and you will get $20 a person with no limits to how many you can help and how much you can make!

The Fine Print

In sum, be ethical, law-abiding, and kind in the way you use the referral code or risk invalidating your code. You’re responsible for how you use your code. If you want the details, keep reading.

These are the terms and conditions for using the referral code. Using the code or offering your code to another party for their use indicates your acceptance and agreement to these terms and conditions.

Only one referral code per student sign up. Offer is only valid with complete payments of at least $495 (before the discount is applied). For example, you could use this for one-on-one tutoring–which is billed at an hourly rate–if you pay for at least $495 worth of meetings up front.

Did you take my class before I started using this referral code offer? Doesn’t matter! Start offering it to people now. I’ll track you down using the code and send you money via PayPal. The code MUST be used at the time of registration to take advantage of the offer.

I do reserve the right NOT to allow your code if I determine you  abused or misused it in any way. This is solely at my discretion. You must obey all state and local laws concerning use of this code. Do not use it in a rude or irritating manner, for example, postering a classroom up at A&M with the code without permission or putting up signage or graffiti on private property.

By using the referral code or offering it to others for use, you agree to be personally responsible for its misuse or abuse AND you agree to all the above terms and conditions.