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"Gave me great test strategies and new ways to study. One of my main issues was with time management and after tutoring with Cody I was actually able to finish all sections in time. He definitely helped me to increase my scores!"
Anjelica M.
Online Student
Money-Back Guarantee
"Cody’s GRE course was excellent. He was a very knowledgeable, relatable, and charismatic teacher. He covered all aspects of the test in great detail. Moreover, he teaches you the skills needed to maximize your learning and studying."
Zach D.

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"Thank you for your time and effort to make this easier on us. In retrospect I was very scared of failure on the GRE. But now, I can honestly study and aim for a 320, without feeling foolish. Cody's offer to help outside of prep class was also impressive ... Thank you!"

In-depth test taking strategies, including how to handle test anxiety. That can be the KEY to a vastly increased GRE score for about 45% of my students, and most other GRE prep courses don’t even talk about it!

Time-saving techniques to master the GRE vocabulary necessary to increase your score. This will save you hours a week. Don’t waste your time memorizing vocabulary the wrong way!

You only pay for a session when you are ready to book it. No need to pay thousands of dollars. Pick and choose what you need help on. Don’t need help with test anxiety or verbal? We can skip that!

"...thank you for the fantastic prep for the GRE. The general insight into the structure of the exam, question writing, trends in grading (the generally scientific and data based approach to the whole course), and general tips for efficient time use were a massive help. I took the exam that September and received 164/167/6.0 scores. So thank you very much for the excellent course."
GRE Prep
"[Cody] is an excellent lecturer. I took his GRE course, and I am convinced that his instruction immensely improved my score. His price is an absolute bargain compared to many GRE prep courses out there, and I believe his instruction on the writing portion alone is worth the money. In my first practice test, I scored a 318. On test day, I scored a 329, and I know that I could not have performed that well without his tips."
Ben F GRE Student
Ben F.

Experienced GRE Prep Instructor. Your tutor, Cody Blair, a Texas-certified teacher and National Merit Scholar with twenty-plus years of experience teaching GRE Prep, SAT Prep, Study Skills, and more. Just take a look at his Google reviews. His students regularly give him 5-Star Reviews, because he’s an excellent teacher who cares about his students.

Fits Your Schedule. Other programs have about the same amount of formal instruction as StudyProf GRE Prep, but they fluff it out to five weeks (and $1,200) or more by adding lots of GRE practice work you could easily do on your own at home for FREE. We get all the one-on-one instruction done in 6 to 10 hours, giving you just what you need and none of what you don’t.

Help When YOU Need It. That means your tutor, Cody Blair is available for phone calls, texts, emails, Zoom calls, Whatsapp messaging, Skyping, and more if you need additional assistance. Long after they’ve taken the course students call or text with their questions. Cody is still there to give them help and encouragement (at no extra charge).


1-on-1 Tutoring - $98/hr for 2-hour session

Allows you to pick and choose what sections and topics you would like to cover from the complete GRE prep course below.

Great time and money saver for those who really need one-on-one tutoring or who want to skip certain sections of the GRE.

We can meet online via Zoom, or face-to-face if you’re near College Station, Texas

Have special learning challenges? Cody has been doing this for over 20 years! He can help.

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Complete GRE Course - Standard Package - $495

The Verbal Section of the GRE including the different question types and best strategies plus in-depth information on GRE vocabulary.

The Quantitative (Math) Section of the GRE including the most effective strategies, all math concepts tested, and all four question types.

The Written Analytical (essay) Section of the GRE, including exactly how the section is scored and methods to insure you give the graders exactly what they are looking for. Also covers best practices for quickly and efficiently writing a higher-scoring essay with minimal pre-test preparation.

We use the best quality GRE practice tests. These are available for free from ETS. Don’t let other prep companies charge you for inferior practice GREs.

Find out the best test-taking strategies to maximize your score on the GRE, and hack the test.

Learn the secrets to memorizing large amounts of vocab as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Powerful methods to decrease test anxiety. Most other courses don’t even touch on this!

Best strategies for approaching graduate schools with your scores.

Expert guidance on which other books and resources are preferred and which ones to avoid.

Ask questions and get help after the class at no extra charge (but keep reading). 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there is no problem. If we are getting into an hour or more of extra help, it’s billed at the standard $98 per hour one-on-one rate.

This course works with any test prep book or other resource (many of these are available for free).

Unlike most GRE prep courses, this course only covers exactly what’s on the test. That saves you time, energy, and money. Most other courses spend hours on stuff that’s not even on the test! StudyProf GRE Prep was designed by analyzing official released GRE tests AND by regularly polling students right after they take the GRE to learn of any new content.

Silver Package - $545

Includes the complete GRE prep course above plus…

+ Additional one-on-one tutoring available at the reduced rate of $78/hr (usually billed at $98/hr).

+ Attend the GRE prep class again within the next 6 months for free.

Gold Package - $595

Includes the complete GRE prep course above plus…

+ Additional one-on-one tutoring available at the reduced rate of $68/hr.

+ Attend the GRE prep class again, as often as you like, within the next 3 years for free.

+ Access to all the session videos online, upon request, so you can review at your convenience.

Platinum Package - $995

Includes the complete GRE prep course above and everything in the Standard Package, plus…

+ Up to 8 hours one-on-one tutoring, scheduled with you as you need it.

+ Additional one-on-one tutoring available at the reduced rate of $60/hr.

+ Attend the GRE prep class again, as often as you like, within the next 5 years for free.

+ Access to all the session videos online, upon request, so you can review at your convenience.

"...His content was extremely helpful, and he was quick to answer and questions, comments, or concerns. I would 100% recommend him to anyone about to take the GRE. I don't think would've done nearly as good without him. My scores improved by almost 10 points each!"
Happy Student Jose R.
Jose R.