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The most experienced GRE Prep instructor out there with the lowest prices – I do one-on-one, web-based tutoring anywhere in the world! I also teach large GRE Prep classes for Texas A&M and small, private classes.

one-on-one GRE prep tutoring in College Station or online via skype
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I can answer any questions and get you scheduled for your first online lesson via Skype or we can meet face-to-face in College Station or Bryan, Texas. GRE Prep one-on-one tutoring is billed at $98 and hour, pay as you go! 8 hours is the average time for one-on-one tutoring and an extra two hours weekly with the private math tutor. We can also discuss any questions you have about the GRE and GRE prep; when to begin studying, what grad schools are looking for, and the best way for you to move forward with your GRE prep.


 5 out of 5 stars

“Gave me great test strategies and new ways to study. One of my main issues was with time management and after tutoring with Cody I was actually able to finish all sections in time. He definitely helped me to increase my scores!

Angelica M. – Online Student

How StudyProf Online GRE Prep Works

Pick out a date and time that works for you. We’ll get on Skype together for our class. It works fantastic, and I teach students all over the US and even in other countries. You’ll not only be able to speak to me face to face, I’ll share my desktop with you so you can see the problems and what I’m writing. Rather do a live GRE Prep class in the College Station area? Click here.


 5 out of 5 stars

“Cody’s GRE course was excellent. He was a very knowledgeable, relatable, and charismatic teacher. He covered all aspects of the test in great detail. Moreover, he teaches you the skills needed to maximize your learning and studying.”

Zach D.

StudyProf GRE Prep Courses Include

  • All three sections of the GRE: Quantitative, Verbal, and Written Analytical. We’ll cover everything you need to get an excellent GRE score and get into the grad school you want.
  • Change the course to suite your needs. We can skip areas you aren’t concerned with and spend extra time on your problem areas.
  • Secrets, powerful techniques, and targeted GRE practice on the different GRE question types you’ll see in each section. Learn the insider tricks and powerful methods master test takers use to max out their GRE scores.
  • An easy to follow study schedule to help you continue sharpening your new skills after the class. You’ll have a step-by-step plan to power up for the GRE.

WOW. Not what I expected; I actually learned something! Best course I’ve been to.

Anastasia S.
  • Girl studying
    An in-depth look at test taking strategies, including how to handle test anxiety. That can be the KEY to a vastly increased GRE score for about 20% of my students, and most other GRE prep courses don’t even talk about it!
  • Time-saving tricks to master the GRE vocabulary necessary to increase your score. Don’t waste your time memorizing vocabulary the wrong way!
  • A full, MONEY-BACK Guarantee. Get the GRE score you want or get your money back. Find out more.

Schedule one-on-one GRE tutoring, live or via Skype, by emailing or calling (979) 633-4524, (OR Sign up for a LIVE StudyProf GRE Prep class taught in College Station, Texas.  Click Here to Reserve Your Spot!)


 5 out of 5 stars

“…thank you for the fantastic prep for the GRE. The general insight into the structure of the exam, question writing, trends in grading (the generally scientific and data based approach to the whole course), and general tips for efficient time use were a massive help. I took the exam that September and received 164/167/6.0 scores. So thank you very much for the excellent course.”

GRE Prep Course Student – Read what other students say

Why the StudyProf GRE Prep class is best…

  • Experienced GRE Prep Instructor. The seminar is taught by me, Cody Blair, a Texas-certified teacher and National Merit Scholar with over a decade of experience teaching GRE Prep. Read what my students say.
  • I Fit Your Schedule. Other programs have about the same amount of formal instruction as StudyProf GRE Prep, but they fluff it out to five weeks (and $1,200) or more by adding lots of GRE practice work you could easily do on your own at home for FREE. We can usually get all the formal instruction done in 6 to 10 hours. Less, if there are areas you aren’t concerned

 5 out of 5 stars

[Cody] is an excellent lecturer. I took his GRE course, and I am convinced that his instruction immensely improved my score. His price is an absolute bargain compared to many GRE prep courses out there, and I believe his instruction on the writing portion alone is worth the money. In my first practice test, I scored a 318. On test day, I scored a 329, and I know that I could not have performed that well without his tips.”

Ben F. – Read what other students say
  • Help When YOU Need It. That means you can call, email, or Skype me for additional assistance. That must be why…
  • My Students Love StudyProf GRE Prep.  Just look at what one student had to say…

“Thank you for your time and effort to make this easier on us. In retrospect I was very scared of failure on the GRE. But now, I can honestly study and aim for a 320, without feeling foolish. Cody’s offer to help outside of prep class was also impressive … Thank you!”

GRE Prep Course Student. – Read what other students say
Over 57 Google Reviews - All Five-Star Reviews! StudyProf GRE Prep Course. Bryan and College Station, Texas. Near Texas A&M University.

Choose the GRE classes that are Right for You…

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I began teaching GRE prep in 2000. My employer at the time decided to offer GRE and SAT prep. Since then, the GRE has undergone some major overhauls, and I’ve been around for all of them. I originally got the course from a guy in Austin who had been teaching GRE prep–with great results–for fifteen years. I used his materials for awhile, but…

A couple of thousand students later, and I saw clear areas for improvement. I saw what really tripped up my GRE students. I found the areas of the GRE most students struggled with. I figured out the best ways to explain certain concepts. I found powerful techniques and tricks that aren’t in any of the GRE prep books. I also figured out exactly what was in the books that wasn’t needed; even the big international GRE test prep companies have whole sections full of information that isn’t on the GRE. So I rewrote the course; quantitative, verbal, and written analytical.

Since then, I’ve steadily modified the StudyProf GRE Prep course to streamline the content, perfect the techniques, and add in powerful methods for tackling the problems that the other GRE prep companies don’t even address. You can register for an upcoming StudyProf GRE Prep class now.

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(979) 633-4524

I can answer any questions and get you scheduled for your first online lesson via Skype or Google Meet Up. We can also discuss any questions you have about the GRE and GRE prep; when to begin studying, what grad schools are looking for, and the best way for you to move forward with your GRE prep.