Now Report Only the Scores You Choose

Starting in July 2012, ETS will allow you to choose which GRE scores you report to schools rather than just reporting every GRE score for the last five years as they had been doing. ETS, the maker of the GRE, is NOT your friend, so why the sudden burst of magnanimity? I think I’ve figured it out.

Let’s say, you pay your $160 and go take your GRE. At the end of the exam, but BEFORE you actually know how you scored, ETS gives you the option of either reporting all your GRE scores from every GRE you’ve taken for the last five years, OR you can just report the GRE score you got on the test you just completed. That isn’t so helpful, since you really don’t know how you’ve done on today’s GRE yet. (I can’t tell from their online blurb if you have the option of accepting your GRE score–but NOT actually sending it to any of your four colleges included in your $160 test fee.)

On the other hand, if you want to take a look at all your GRE scores and then pick and choose which one(s) to send to different grad schools, you’ll have to wait until you’ve left the testing center. Then they will charge you extra cold-hard cash for the privilege.  Sounds like a money-making deal for ETS!

Regardless, it’s probably going to be worth it to pay for the privilege of only reporting your best GRE scores. Unfortunately, you can’t report just the verbal GRE score from one administration and just the math from another time you took the test. You have to report the complete GRE score for any given date you took the test.

See all the details from ETS here.

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