The college library at Harvard (pronounced Hahhhh-vuhd) gives a simple, sweet summary on how best to digest your college . Get some ivy-league  insight on…

  1. Previewing
  2. Annotating
  3. Outlining, Summarizing, Analyzing
  4. Looking for Patterns
  5. Contextualizing
  6. Comparing and Contrasting

If these sound suspiciously like the advice I’ve been giving in my posts and in my Secrets Smart Students Know ebook on reading it’s because it is! “Great minds” and all that…

Working on for the GRE and SAT essays? Obviously, you won’t have time to do all six steps above. However, getting in the habit of reading deeply and thinking about college level texts will definitely amp up your baseline reading comprehension skills. Bottom line? Increased essay scores on the GRE and SAT.

Interrogating Texts: 6 Reading Habits to Develop in Your First Year at Harvard



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