Skills To Help You Study Smarter, Not Harder!

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You’re Studying Too Much!

I’ve found that most of the students who have taken my study skills seminar, GRE prep course, or SAT prep course aren’t studying too little; they’re studying too much in the wrong way!

That’s why I’m making this study skills mini-course freely available to any student who wants to waste less time and energy while getting better grades!

In this mini-course (emailed right to your inbox), you will learn…

  • The easy recipe for doing mini-study sessions that will put an end to all-nighters forever!
  • The simple secret to making your study sessions easier, shorter, and more effective than ever!
  • Why you’re probably taking too many notes and how it’s actually forcing you to study more.
  • Why not reading your assigned readings is sometimes the best thing you can do with them.
  • How I used a 3,000 year old memory trick to make the highest exam grade in the class (with only thirty minutes studying)!
  • Why sleeping late and talking to your friends can actually help you get better grades. See the research for yourself!

Bottom Line: Don’t waste another minute studying the old-fashioned way. Sign up now!
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