Can you apply? Yes. Definitely. There are many factors that go into a school accepting you and your GRE score is only one of them.

Every is different. Some may weigh your GRE score very heavily in their admissions process, while others may pay it little or no attention. The only way to know for sure is to ask the schools to which you’re applying.

Tip: call and talk to an admissions counselor one-on-one (better: schedule an appointment and go see them). Spend time making a good impression; don’t just blurt out your question. Ask them about your GRE scores after you’ve established some rapport.

Why? Admissions personnel are supposed to give you the “official answer,” for example, “We won’t even consider you if your GRE score is below a 1260.” But, after you’ve talked to them a bit and they see you as a person and not just a part of their job, they might give you the real answer; “We tell people 1260 minimum, but truthfully, with your GPA and background, you can probably get in with anything above 1150.

However! The higher your GRE score is, the easier it will be to get into most programs. Even if your GRE score is sufficient many fellowships and TA positions depend directly on your score. “We’ll give the TA spot to the highest GRE score that applies,” or “You must have a 1250 to be eligible for this fellowship.” It really pays to get your GRE score as high as possible.



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