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West Texas A&M University’s GRE Math practice is dated, but still good!

No, the site is … ummm … not really designed for aesthetes.  But, hey, is free.  Thanks WTAMU!

While the practice is good, it’s based on an older version of the GRE Quantitative (GRE Math), not the latest GRE quantitative.

Your best bet for practice on the as it currently looks can be found at the GRE website. You can take full practice tests (look for the “PowerPrep Online”) which includes lots of math.

FYI, be very careful about using third-party resources–such as Kaplan or Princeton Review’s books–for their GRE Quantitative problems. They are fine for practice, but beware;they are not always the same as the real thing. They’re not always even usable!

Here’s why; when ETS writes a problem for the GRE, they may try the problem out on thousands of students before actually putting that problem in the GRE. Their problems are carefully structured, and ETS knows exactly how difficult each problem is for the average taker.

Third-party companies are not nearly so careful about their GRE practice problems, so always check out books online using Amazon or some other service and see what kind of reviews the is getting.

Don’t even go by company name. Even well-know companies are guilty of putting out horribly flawed GRE practice materials.

For example, Princeton Review’s general GRE gets 4 stars out of 5. Princeton Review’s book of 1,014 practice GRE problems gets 1 star out of 5 because it is so full of errors it’s almost unusable.

I’ve got the book, and almost one out of every four problems has a mistake that makes it unworkable or severely flawed. You wonder if they actually tried the problems out on anybody before actually publishing it.

Not only that, but they’ve issued three different updates of the book, all of which get horrible scores. They know the books stinks, yet they keep selling it! The current version on Amazon no longer allows customer ratings; buyer beware.

Best bet? Stick with the practice tests from ETS for the real deal on revised GRE quantitative problems.

After that, a site like WTAMU’s is great for practicing the concepts in the GRE math. They won’t have all the same question types you’ll see on the actual test, but…

It’s still FREE, and it’s still a big help!

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