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[Updated Thursday, November 28, 2019]

As I’ve mentioned in other places, the best you can get for the comes from ETS, the company that makes the GRE.

You can always take their free Powerprep Online tests. These are the same great tests I tell my students about in my GRE Prep Course.

Now they offer three additional tests.

The free Powerprep Online consists of two, GRE tests. Each has real GRE questions and works just like the actual test.

The timing is the same AND the sections get more or less difficult, just like the real deal. You can also go back over the after you’ve taken it to see which ones you missed.

The problem with the Powerprep Online is there are only two tests available.

After that, you have to rely on some prep company’s best effort at recreating a GRE. Those companies may make their GRE tests and then try it out on a few people that work for them.

They don’t have the chance to try it on thousands of takers the way ETS does with their real GRE tests. That means the fake GRE tests just aren’t going to be as good as the ones from ETS.

Finally, ETS has made three more real GRE tests available. They are calling these two tests Powerprep Plus Online.

Unfortunately, unlike the Powerprep Online, the Powerprep Plus Online isn’t free. The tests will set you back $39.95 each. Still worth it!

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