The next you catch yourself casting about for something (anything) to avoid that looming project or paper try this little activity.  Take out a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and start listing all the possible negative consequences of not working on whatever-it-is-you’re-avoiding.  Go for at least seven and don’t settle for anything less than five.

Next to each of those consequences, list the consequences of that consequence.  Make a diagram like this…

After you’ve (hopefully) scared yourself a bit, take a few minutes and imagine how it would feel right now if the dreaded task were actually done!  Feel your sense of accomplishment and freedom.  Imagine how it would be to have it finally over with!

Now pull out that dreaded task and get to work.  Each time you feel like avoiding it, remember how good it will feel to just get it done!

After you’ve worked steadily for thirty minutes or so, reward yourself.  Let yourself be pleased and proud that you overcame your and actually got something accomplished.  Make yourself a big bowl of chunky monkey ice cream and sigh contentedly.

This technique got me through a lot of boring homework.  Apply it consistently and see for yourself.



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