I’ve mentioned Gopingme.com before. I’ve been using it lo these many years now to set up reminders for myself. Reminders can be emailed or texted to you on any interval you choose.

For example, I can set it to text me, “Don’t forget The King’s birthday,” once a year at 12AM on January 8th, or “Pick up more hemorrhoid cream,” every second Tuesday at 8AM. You can even configure it to keep bugging you, say every five minutes, until you respond to the text or email. It’s dead simple and way powerful, so go get an account NOW (totally free, by the by).gopingmelogo

Now you have a assassin on call! Set up a ping to pester the snot out of you until you get that homework done or to start the next step in your project. Swear on your dear sweet mum’s honor that you will not cancel the reminder until you’ve done the task. Then set the reminder to repeat every five minutes (or 15, or whatever you think will work).

For example, it’s the beginning of the semester, and I know that big porcine halitosis research paper isn’t due for several months. I’ll go ahead and configure a ping for each of the major sub-tasks along the way; the all-important identifying-of-the-thesis, the sacred locating-of-the-resources, the hallowed reading-of-the-sources, the holy writing-of-the-first-draft, etc.

–Weeks pass, seasons change, love comes and goes–

Then, on October 2nd at 10:30AM, just as I’m leaving my necrotic phlebotomy class and walking by the pestilential campus library, I get a text that says, “Step inside that there library and pick up three resources for your porcine halitosis research paper. NOW! I’m going to bug you every 15 minutes from now until Judgement Day until you get this done. Just do it.” Since me ma’s honor is at stake, I can’t stop the reminder until it’s done.

Procrastination get’s really painful in a hurry.



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