Trying to decide where to go to grad school or college?

It is commonly accepted that it is generally better for a student who is going on to an academic career to get their PhD at a different institution from where they got their MS. For an academic, the place where you got your PhD is generally more important than where you got your bachelor’s and that it is important to have a PhD from the very that you can get into. Studies have shown that PhDs from the top programs are much more successful than PhDs from lower ranked programs for the best schools in the Country, for example there are many opportunities for the best vet schools in us and for medicine studies or art school.Resultado de imagen para school rankings

There are lots of middle tier universities with undergraduate programs that adequately prepare for graduate but that don’t have very strong graduate programs. If you’re at one of those institutions, then you’d be well advised to “move up” to a better institution for your PhD.

Take a look at the U.S. News and World Reports rankings!



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