Small, easy changes in your daily habits can lead to huge payoffs academically.  Small strokes fell great oaks, as the saying goes. To expand on the , trying to cut down a great oak tree in a single day will wear you out!  It takes a tremendous amount of energy, and you’ll be sore and blistered for days.

On the other hand, if you pick up that axe every morning and spend thirty minutes or so chopping at the oak, the task is easy, invigorating, and effective.  Moreover, your body will strengthen with the regular exercise, rather than wearing out.  That means the next oak will fall even faster.

Consider, a simple habit change such as studying every day on campus between classes instead of waiting until the evening, the weekend, or the week before finals.  This is one of the simplest changes you can make to your current habits, yet it pays huge dividends. Studying between classes every day…

  • leads to less (no?) study nights and weekends
  • which leads to lots of to do the things you want and
  • a better social life (or maybe carpal tunnel syndrome from playing too much xBox).
  • It also leads to better comprehension in class
  • which leads to needing fewer and less study
  • as well as better on tests.
  • It also leads to no need for before the
  • which means no all-nighters and sleep deprivation
  • which leads to on tests and
  • roommates and friends jealous of your seemingly effortless A’s.
  • It also leads to putting the information into long term memory rather than short term memory (which is what you get with cramming).
  • That means less study next semester in the second part of the course and
  • that means more free time and better grades.

Those are all the benefits from one simple habit change! The trick, of course, is to actually make the habit change.  So make sure to learn how to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good habits.  It’s where easier A’s begin!

Start here to begin developing the habits of an excellent student.

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