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Check out the Wired Study Tips podcasts that I’ve published.  You can do a search on […]
What would you like to do tonight, college student?  How about studying for two or three […]
Here’s a nice little video example of how to apply mnemonics your studies.
hammock procrastinator
Putting things off is the average student's modus operandi. But you aren't average! You know that procrastination leads to stress, zits, and sub-par results. Here are seven easy ways to stop procrastination.
school test frustration
Can you give me any tips that are specifically for testing? Get to the test ten […]
Can you imagine how far you could progress in a year if every week you did […]
Here’s a great site for learners at any stage.  I can personally attest to the effectiveness […]
The link between IQ and wealth is … non-existent!  That's according to a longitudinal study that's […]
A recent study shows that we spend an average of 64 seconds to get back on […]
When I was a kid I mowed lawns for extra money during the summers. Sure, it’s […]
Are you studying the wrong way? That will definitely cause you to work too hard.Ever heard […]
We all think best when we’re well rested. A clear, alert brain allows us to focus, […]
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Note Taking: Enough is Enough Part 1 was about how cramming actually costs you waaaay more […]
These study tips can make good study habits easy! The magic grade fairies have been watching […]
A few years ago I was getting my kitchen floor tiled, and a work crew was […]
Here’s a potentially helpful notetaking tool. The pen records audio as you write. Later you can […]
Study as long as it takes to master the material. For some classes, that means five […]
My advice: run a post-exam post-mortem on your most recent finals. This should suggest some new […]