Get the Most from Your Mind
Most of us feel like we are pretty good at using our brains; I mean, we’ve […]
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What better way to zombie-proof yourself than to shrink your brain? That’s right, you can easily […]
If you could just make yourself study… If you could just make yourself read the textbook… […]
Taking frequent breaks is important for recall. If you’ve read my book, Best Grades Ever!, you […]
Did you ever try to iron a shirt with a cold iron? Could you get that […]
I originally wrote this in response to some reading I was doing about the psychology of […]
The heck you say! No, it’s true, at least according to Steven Johnson, author of Everything […]
One distraction after another can really tank your study time and short-circuit your concentration.  Here’s a […]
Get adequate sleep at night and take a nap during the day when possible. The average […]
Exercise in many ways optimizes your brain to learn. –Dr. John Ratey In my personal practice […]
PSAT/NMSQT stands for “Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. It is the precursor to […]
Taking chemistry, biochem, physics, calculus, or their ilk? These courses are light on information to be […]
Flash cards are a powerful tool to help you memorize things such as vocabulary, mathematical formulas, […]
You aren’t going to like the answer, I’m afraid. They way to become an expert is […]
Trying to memorize formulas or equations?  You can use mnemonics, as I’ve mentioned previously, but you’ll […]
From the series Better Test Performance the Navy SEALs Way. In a recently televised interview, the […]
The elite SEALs teams—the U.S. Navy’s Special Ops forces—have discovered how to make their trainees more […]
Do you have enough mental muscle to get the grades you want or to score as […]
(this is an updated version of a post from January 2008) I’ve posted quite a bit […]