Magical Grade Fairy?
The magic grade fairies have been watching you. They know just how hard you’ve been working […]
Creating flashcards in the right way makes studying much easier
Flashcards, as I’m sure you know, are a really powerful way to review. They are the […]
180123-N-PJ969-0723 CORONADO, Calif. (Jan. 23, 2018) U.S. Navy SEAL candidates participate in Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training. SEALs are the maritime component of U.S. Special Forces and are trained to conduct a variety of operations from the sea, air and land.
Recently-retired United States Navy SEALs staff psychologist Eric Potterat, PhD, lists four key mental techniques taught […]
U.S. Navy SEALs BUD/S Candidates
Updated 12/1/2020 The United States Navy’s Sea, Air, and Land teams (SEALs) have discovered how to […]
lock it into your memory
Most students take hours to memorize what they could have learned–should have locked into their memories–in […]
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Why “Zimbabwe?” A psychologist named Von Restorff noticed that when he gave test subjects a random […]
Good news! Researchers have developed a game that’s been shown to crank up your smarticle particles. […]
Dear Study Prof, Help! How can I fix my awful memory? I read stuff for class […]
“All subjects are the same. I memorize notes for a test, spew it, ace it, then […]
Did you ever try to iron a shirt with a cold iron? Could you get that […]
Your brain works better when you take regular breaks. Watch the video on that here. Now […]
Yeah, I know, I’m promising a lot. Is it really and for true possible to get […]
Is it possible to actually get smarter during the summer whilst basking at the beach? Absolutely, […]
Check out this great study skills video revealing six of my most powerful (and immediately useful) […]
Taking frequent breaks maximizes your brain’s ability to recall. Hundreds of variations on experiments first performed […]
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