Better Note Taking Skills
There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to take notes! In my college years, I discovered techniques that saved me countless hours and dramatically improved my understanding and recall. Works for students, business professionals, homemakers, anyone who takes notes!
Onine Learning
There are some simple, easy fixes and study tips to help you with online learning and navigating the new normal. Here's my hot list of academic life-changers; key study skills you can use to dominate your grades when it comes to online learning.
brain color
What better way to zombie-proof yourself than to shrink your brain? That’s right, you can easily […]
Take a look at this fantastic, very thorough post on note-taking¬†from the “Simply In Control” blog. […]
Did you ever try to iron a shirt with a cold iron? Could you get that […]
What do the experts say are the top two ways we store knowledge? Learners acquire and […]
Why take class notes all by your lonesome when you can work with a buddy (or […]
Don’t you hate it when you’re talking to someone on the phone and you can tell […]
Need a step-by-step formula for puttin’ the hurt on your current course load? Want to muscle […]
~~The “100 Words (or Less)” series gives you a super-short summary of what you need to […]
Check out this great study skills video revealing six of my most powerful (and immediately useful) […]
Summarizing and Note Taking Effective summarizing requires analysis that leads to deeper understanding. Students benefit from […] has put together a very straightforward guide to taking superior notes using the Cornell Method.
To become an excellent turnip you simply sit around and wait for someone to dump manure […]
Don’t waste time rewriting the same long names and words in your notes. Create a key […]
The Cliff’s Notes website has a very extensive list of online study aids for students in […]
Did you know that reading over your notes repeatedly is one of the LEAST effective ways […]
(this is an updated version of a post from January 2008) I’ve posted quite a bit […]
What could be more normal than drinking a tall glass of ice tea on a hot […]

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