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Are you the study, study, study type? Or the type who thinks about studying, but has […]
Beat Procrastination
Motivation done right lets you motor through your to-do list like magic. There are lots of […]
This short video, by Dan Ariely–one of my favorite psychologists–gives you some quick and easy tricks […]
Fun fact: the smell of text books can be used to anesthetize rhinos. I made that […]
Lacking the uuumph to bust out that text book on The Unabridged History of Colloids? Does the […]
Note to readers; if you aren’t reading this on my website you’re probably missing out on […]
I recently came across this cool, colorful, hard to read chart titled, “How to Get Motivated: […]
Recently, a student asked me for my hot list of academic life-changers; key study skills you […]
Study Tips to Increase Focus and Achieve Your Educational Goals Focus is the big hairy bugbear […]
~~The “100 Words (or Less)” series gives you a super-short summary of what you need to […]
The library at the University of Minnesota has provided a nice tool for helping you schedule […]
Revised from April, 2010 post. If you can’t procrastinate, you won’t procrastinate. Obvious, you say? Then […]
Procrastination Killer Number Five – Mr. Pot o’ Gold AKA Pollyanna Know what the big difference between […]
Procrastination Killer Number Four – Mr. Loud Mouth Stop procrastination cold by [hidepost]letting the whole world know […]
Procrastination Killer Number Three – Mr. Carrotstick AKA Mo Flies You know the old saw; motivate the […]
Procrastination Killer Number Two – Mr. Slice-n-dice Little strokes fell great oaks. How do you eat […]
Pain. Punish. Pustule. Proctology. Procrastinate. See how it just fits right in? It’s the cement shoes […]
I’ve written elsewhere about using a daily to-do list in conjunction with a calendar to make […]
Procrastination; the Big Bad Wolf in our fairy tale life. The Godzilla in our own personal […]
I’ve mentioned before. I’ve been using it lo these many years now to set up […]