I’ve mentioned Gopingme.com before. I’ve been using it lo these many years now to set up […]
Once upon a time a farmer’s old decrepit donkey fell in an abandoned well. The farmer, […]
I recently received an email from one of my students with several great questions. I thought […]
One very effective way to keep yourself from giving in to temptation (whether that temptation is […]
Remember, getting to work when we don’t want to is a learned skill. We have to […]
“Aarrrgh! I so don’t want to study tonight.” I understand, and I’ve been there. Here are […]
Just do it! Sound too simple? This is powerful stuff. Next time you catch yourself thinking […]
[hidepost]Procrastination – Understanding & Overcoming it By Linda Dessau Whenever I’ve worked on ‘de-cluttering’ my living […]
Remember the end of last semester? How you felt completely buried by all the projects and […]
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The next time you catch yourself casting about for something (anything) to do to avoid that […]
Mid-terms and finals are the bane of most college students’ existence.  One final exam would be […]
hammock procrastinator
Putting things off is the average student's modus operandi. But you aren't average! You know that procrastination leads to stress, zits, and sub-par results. Here are seven easy ways to stop procrastination.

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