Here’s a great picture of exactly how we achieve our through repeated actions.  We become what we repeatedly do.

This is a -lapse of a Japanese group that walked the same path over and over. After several days they had worn a path in the grass. Consider how long it will take for the path to grow over once they stop walking. Weeks? Months? Once the path is sufficiently well-trodden, it will remain for a long, long time. As you are cultivating new , frequent repetition is the key to changing an action into a .

In the same way weaning yourself from a bad habit is not an overnight proposition. It will take time and effort to keep yourself from travelling the well-worn path long enough for it to grow over and disappear.

The lesson also applies to creating memories, although this illustration would represent brute-force repetition. Easier: use to create a stronger path initially. That will cut down on the number of repetitions you’ll need to make that rock solid.



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