Long Definition:

bil·ious [bil-yuh s] Pronunciation Key Show IPA Pronunciation


1. Physiology, Pathology. pertaining to bile or to an excess secretion of bile.
2. Pathology. suffering from, caused by, or attended by trouble with the bile or liver.
3. peevish; irritable; cranky.
4. extremely unpleasant or distasteful: a long scarf of bright, bilious green.

[Origin: 1535–45; < L b?li?sus. See bile, -ous ]

bil·ious·ly, adverb
bil·ious·ness, noun

3. grumpy, crabby, cross, grouchy, dyspeptic.

Short Definition: Crabby


I’m always a bit bilious in the morning until after my first cup of coffee.
Scrooge’s bilious nature is well known.


Billy Goat > Crabby ; I imagine a billy goat at a seafood restaurant who goes crazy, butting everyone in sight, whenever he hears the word, “crab.” Note: It’s tempting on a word like this to think, “bilious reminds me of billy goat, and billy goats are grumpy, so there’s no need to come up with a mnemonic.” It will stick with you much longer if you go ahead and do a complete mnemonic.



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