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char·y [chair-ee] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation

–adjective, char·i·er, char·i·est.

1. cautious or careful; wary: He was chary of investing in oil wells.
2. shy; timid.
3. fastidious; choosy: She is excessively chary about her friends.
4. sparing (often fol. by of): chary of his praise.

[Origin: bef. 1000; ME; OE cearig sorrowful (c(e)ar(u) care + -ig -y1); c. OS karag, OHG karag (G karg scanty, paltry)]

char·i·ly, adverb

1. circumspect. 4. frugal.
1. trustful. 2. confident. 3. uncritical. 4. lavish.

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Short Definition:


  • His comments on papers were chary, often leaving his mystified as to the reason for their .
  • The chariest men you will ever meet are members o
  • Chary when meeting new people, he mostly looked at his feet during the introductions.

Cherry > careful: A giant cartoon cherry is walking very carefully through a field with a sign posted saying, “Beware of Land Mines.”



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