Long Definition:

des·ue·tude [des-wi-tood, -tyood ] Pronunciation Key Show IPA Pronunciation


the state of being no longer used or practiced.

[Origin: 1425–75; late ME < L désuét?do, equiv. to désué-, base of désuéscere to become disaccustomed to, unlearn ( dé- de- + suéscere to become accustomed to) + -t?d? -tude]

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Note: It’s usually used in the phrase “fallen into disuetude” or “passed into disuetude.”

Short Definition: Disuse

I sold my exercise equipment because, after my accident, it had fallen into desuetude.
Most of our New Year’s resolutions pass into desuetude within weeks.

Disco>sweat>disuse. I imagine a very popular disco filled with dancers and bright lights. I can see the disco ball flashing and hear the BeeGees playing. The dancers are sweating profusely. In fact, they’re sweating so much it’s beginning to flood the dance floor, run out the door and into the street. Everyone leaves in disgust. I can see the discotheque now, abandoned. There is a thick layer of dust on everything and spiderwebs on the disco ball. It’s fallen into disuse.



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