Long Definition:

dis·pa·rate (d?s’p?r-?t, d?-sp?r’?t) Pronunciation Key

  1. Fundamentally distinct or different in kind; entirely dissimilar: “This mixture of apparently disparate materials—scandal and spiritualism, current events and eternal recurrences—is not promising on the face of it” (Gary Wills).
  2. Containing or composed of dissimilar or opposing elements: a disparate group of people who represented a cross section of the city.

[Latin dispar?tus, past participle of dispar?re, to separate : dis-, apart; see dis- + par?re, to prepare; see per?-1 in Indo-European roots.]

dis’pa·rate·ly adv., dis’pa·rate·ness n.
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Short Definition: Differing

His disparate attempts to ace the GRE–he tried everything from good luck charms to memorizing prep books–finally resulted in an excellent score.
People as disparate as Joseph Stalin and Mother Theresa are members of the human race.


Dizzy>parrot>de-furring; A parrot is whirling round and round on his perch until he’s so dizzy he throws up. He then flies down and picks up an electric shaver and begins de-furring a big black dog lying below his perch. Black fur flies everywhere, and the dizzy parrot makes a complete mess of it, as he screeches, “AAwwk, de-furring!!!”



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