Long Definition:

lu·dic      [loo-dik] Pronunciation Key Show IPA Pronunciation


playful in an aimless way: the ludic behavior of kittens.

[Origin: 1935–40; < L l?d- (s. of l?dere to play) + -ic, perh. via F ludique, learned formation from same components]

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Same root as ludicrous.

Short Definition:

Her ludic behavior was quite out of place in that ghastly mausoleum.
The king's ludic responses were a sure sign of too much drink.

Loo>tick>playful; I imagine a giant gray tick sitting on the loo (toilet) in a bus station.  The smell is horrific, but the tick is juggling, yoyo'ing, and throwing toilet paper rolls.  He's laughing hysterically because he's so playful.  Disturbing?  Funny?  You be the judge.  Memorable?  It certainly is for me.



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